Trinkets, baubles galore

Do you need daily reminders why you’re on this journey? I do, sometimes in physical form. I think wearing something or keeping something in my purse that I can take out and hold in my hand, is a tangible reminder for what’s at stake. Because My life is at stake and nothing could be more inportant than that.

I like keeping a stone with me, (thanks @Naturehippy) and my aa chips in my purse which I hold at times, sometimes daily. My new addition is this necklace. Please share!

And for the men - what do you keep in your purse? Lol :smile:


I’ve got a small, broken wooden cross that I bought in Jerusalem (for pennies) and took to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and to the Garden Tomb and also under the Wailing Wall with me. I also took it to the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and to all of the amazing Pyramids and Temples in Egypt. It’s my most important possession, I keep it in my wallet (there’s plenty of room!) and when I get low or start thinking about drinking I give it a kiss and thank my lucky stars I’m still around.


That’s lovely @Elisabeth I’m glad I’m not the only that thinks this way. I bought a silver bracelet when I began my sobriety, I have altered it’s size so it’s extremely difficult to get off, i don’t even think I could remove it myself! It’s a plain bracelet so no-one knows why I wear it except me.

This helps me psychologically in several ways -

  1. If I ever had a drink again I would need to remove my ‘sobriety’ bracelet first (self inflicted rule, obviously).
  2. In the moments where my mind tries to tell me ‘I wasn’t that bad’ I look at the bracelet as a reminder that I made the choice of sobriety for a bloody good reason, it doesn’t matter if I can’t remember what that is right now.
  3. When I have the ‘drinking’ dreams, I wake in a panic, check for the bracelet, it’s still on, I know immediately it was only a dream, panic over.

I don’t know, does that all sound weird? …It works for me, maybe I’m weird.


Daily reminders on my journey…

Creations and gifts from @Elisabeth, @Oliverjava, and @Naturehippy that we’re all on this journey together (I keep them on my desk)

My sobriety reminder necklace that I wear everyday from @Elisabeth

*And…my 5 year sobriety chip (when I was at my healthiest and I’ll get there again),
*my purple AA symbol necklace I received as a gift for my first sobriety birthday. (I’ll get there again),
*and my grandmother’s sobriety bracelet (she added a charm from different places for every year she was sober - she passed away with 26 years)


@Melrm I love what your grandmother did, what a great idea!! :purple_heart:


What beautiful reminders! Mine are on my dressing table and I see them several times a day… what a creative supportive bunch we are!

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Hey @Naturehippy…how is that copper wire stuff going? I have a piece of blue glass I got from a glass beach on Kauaii that I’d love to turn into something but I haven’t a clue what to do or how to do it?

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Elastic bands on youre wrist and u snap as a reminder when having a craving.


I keep my aa coins in my purse . I wear my first year medallion every day as a necklace ! I will keep my first year coin in my pocket some days just to feel it as a reminder :)))))


@Jenny2015 That’s where my aa coins are too. I’d really like to frame them once I have more. Saw some super cute ideas on Pinterest .

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I used to do that. Now instead I just imagine sticking a needle in my eye, or eating a giant bug, it seems to work just as well. :open_mouth: