Trying again for the 3th time wish me luck and motivation. ...

Today after all those years im about to start quiting it costs me so much money,… im not gonna get rich if i keep going the way im living r n …

( 25 may) first day tryna quit after 8 years of smoking

  • 3g ; 5g of weed a day

Its by the way my 3th time trying to quit but its all inside my head i can’t sleep, im overstressed …


Welcome Bosse - you’ve joined a great community! A lot of amazing stories / advice and support here.
3rd times the charm – right? :wink:

Wishing you luck with your journey – What are you doing this time around to help you with quitting for good?


Welcome to TS. It’s a community where you can get support, information and inspiration to add to quit weed in addition to the money part. :sunflower:


Yea haha its is ! :wink: next monday will be the final day of me smoking and im really about to start to get it out of my head … wish me luck i will post how it goes… and see how others reply :muscle:t3:

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Hey if your mind set is there and you have a good support system in place and know what you will do when urges hit- you will beat this addiction. Cant wait to read more about your journey

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