Trying real hard

At 22 days and it’s getting to me tonight. I can’t stop thinking about using.

I wish I had some solid advice for you but I don’t. I hope you can distract yourself and get through tonight. If you can get to tomorrow without using, you’ll be proud. Maybe just focus on each hour, make a comforting snack, take a bath, watch a movie. Sorry I’m pretty fresh in this game too. I’m rooting for you to make it tomorrow. Many kind thoughts and loving energy your way.


Roshi, don’t do it to yourself. Think how great that you have fealt over the past 22 days. Don’t lose that feeling.

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Your doing great first and foremost i useally go to bed if I can when feeling like that of share which you are doing that shows you really want this, push on thru I promise you it will feel so amazing when you come out the other side and you become stronger for it so when it happens again which it will do you know how to react I find not giving that thought any lower as the more we think it over and over it becomes bigger and bigger in our heads so don’t give it the time of day .

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