Trying sinclair method - Naltrexone

I think naltrexone does work when your aren’t drinking, it eliminates some of the cravings apparently. I thought the point of this Sinclair NetID was drinking some, yeah drinking when on librium probable wouldn’t be the brightest idea​:joy::slightly_smiling_face:

perhaps i may try it when done with the librium if the craving hits me. hopefully i wont have to but its still an option. there is a book The Cure For Alcoholism by Roy Eskapa and a documentary called One Little Pill you can download on youtube for 3.99 if anyone is interested in the Sinclair method. i have read and watched neither one so i can give any references

Try it by all means just be wary it’s not the brain using it as an excuse to have a drink, thankfully there’s no such methods for drug use, that I know of anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

did you watch the video

No, I’ll watch it now :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’ve already detoxed from alcohol there is absolutely 0 point to starting the Sinclair method. You’ve already gotten through the detox please don’t go back to that. Naltrexone works just fine at taking away the cravings without drinking. I was on it for 7 months and I didn’t really crave booze or heroin.


So let me get this right, you want to drink whilst on naltrexone following the Sinclair method so that you no longer want to drink or so you no longer enjoy drinking, if that is the case then why not just not drink.
I could have got that wrong and in really not trying to knock you.
I’ve read many posts of yours on this forum ranging from you seeming to say people who claim to be alcoholics are being snowflakes by saying that instead of re training their brains to not drink that way. Right up to your struggling like mad for a while to get yourself in to and through detox I just don’t see why you would like to drink even if it helps you to not have a problem with drinking.
I’m a recovering heroin addict who is due to start taking naltrexone, this video clip suggested that if I take heroin a couple of times whilst on naltrexone then my brain will forget that taking heroin is pleasurable and rewarding. I simply wish to no longer take heroin so whether it feels pleasurable or rewarding really doesn’t come in to it.
Again I could completely have the wrong end of the sick here and I’m not trying to mock or take the piss out of you so I’m sorry if it comes across that way.
I’m just trying to see where your coming from and what you hope to gain from this :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Pants, i guess my logic is this. Aside from what i read, personally i am one of the best quiters in the world. Quit so many times and relapses…often worst than before. I was thinking why- its mind boggling that i knew i need to quit but somehow, something inside, just doesnt follow this very simple logic that ‘just stop bloody drinking period’. Often its the first drink, then drink gets more drinks and then its back. Maybe like they say only 5% of our usage of the brain is conscious, whereas 95% is the big elephant which is subconscious…like controlling your emotion when in an argument for example.

I was a hard core smoker…tried all methods…willpower, nicotine patches …nothing works. Then i tried the pills from GSK Guoman i believe…like naltroxene…which makes each puff so unpleasant, i started throwing away each half litted ciggies…can smoke after 1 week…its more than a year now i smoking…after 20 years.

Was hoping this works the same way. Anyway its week 2 now…so far so good.

This is so interesting. Thanks for sharing!!!

@Dublosix88 sorry, it wasn’t you that I was posing the question to. I really havn’t read enough of your posts to ask your anything like that and I want trying to judge donut either, was just trying to understand. I will read your posts fully now though :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Having now read your reply post it makes perfect sense to me why you would like to try this, it was just that knowing a little of Donuts necktie I couldn’t get my head round why she wanted to try this.
I’m sorry that it appeared as though I was responding to you.
Please keep us posted on how it goes :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Claudia Christian

Is just a suggestion to look into. Her documentary is like ten dollars on u tube

Wow I had never heard of this. Thanks!

Please update us on your progress, I am curious about this method now. Thanks and good luck👍

Its day 18th. I have only used naltrexone once and went on a vacation the past few days, spouse was drinking but i guess the alcohol is out of me and i could still remember the nausea from the last drinking with naltrexone, so i didnt touch a drop. So far so good. Btw, i carry a tablet in my wallet for those emergencies…lol

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Very cool. I’m really happy this is working for you. Definitely keep that tablet with you! :slight_smile:

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Have been taking Naltrexone since rehab 10/18, then added Wellbutrin a couple of months ago, the combo helps reduce cravings for alcohol and food both. Works very well IF I remember/don’t purposely “forget” to take them. Did discover that drinking even one drink while on Wellbutrin makes me painfully ill, which is actually a good thing. Amazing how I feel so good when sober and taking all my meds and vitamins, but a bad 5 mins that I milk all day will have me thinking that drinking will relieve all my pain, when I KNOW that just the opposite is true!

Just an update. Been day 22 now. Two days ago intentionally ( yes really lol) took a table of naltrexone and had a beer. First beers was still ok…then by the second one…mmp…its a strange feeling, very subtle byr somehow its not fun…didbt had the nausea feeling like my first naltrexone tablet on wine but it wasnt pleasant
.or unpleasant…it was just meh…two beers…paid the tab and went home. In the past it would be impossible to have 2 beers, not followed by another dozen!


Checking in on Sinclair method.