Trying sinclair method - Naltrexone

Just sharing an experience here. Been struggling to stop with so many relapse. Longest i went was 30days and each relapse was worse than before.

Then I watched this Ted talk which introduces the sinclair method. I went online and bought some from indian pharmacist.

Prior to that i went dry for 10 days. On day 11 i took a tablet an hour before and went drinking with a bunch of friends. Initially i felt nothing, the first two glasses of wine felt great…then it kicks in. The nauseating feeling…no significant feeling of high…and for the first time in my life…i left a full glass of wine unfinished. Paid the bills and left. The wine experience was awful.

Amazing little pills. Help you ‘erase’ the memory of how good the high is.

Will update more.

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I’m pretty sure your not actually meant to drink whilst on naltrexone are you? :slightly_smiling_face:

When taking any sort of prescription medication it’s best to consult with a doctor. Medication bought online is not regulated and can be dangerous


Actually, yes, you can drink when following The Sinclair Method for alcohol reduction (as prescribed by a doctor).

Also, the documentary One Little Pill is about TSM.

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Interesting :thinking:

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What could go wrong? Lol

Ok I wanna start out by saying That I am a firm believer in the phrase “if it works it aint stupid.” So brother if it works for you and keeps you from drinking then I think it’s definitely worth investigating and as I’ve only been exposed to this method for like 20 minutes I also wanna say that I am open to new ideas and intrested in this as a viable treatment option.

That being said here is a quick excerpt from the link posted above that I kind of don’t like.

The conclusion of Sinclair’s experiments? That alcoholism is a learned behavior. When a response or emotion has been “reinforced” with alcohol over a period of time it is learned. Some people (and some rats) have genetic traits that lead them to feel a lot of “reinforcement” from consuming alcohol, which eventually creates uncontrollable cravings.

I don’t disagree with the learned behavior I do disagree with the uncontrollable cravings part. As a human I am not a rat. I am top of the fucken food chain and have the potential for limitless growth if I’m willing to work for it! I am not a victim of my addiction either. The work that I put in to learn Where the insidious roots of this addiction have grown into the facets of my brain and uprooting them is the most beautiful part of my sobriety And where I am actually growing as a person the most. If I just recondition my physiological response to the thought of alcohol then I am no smarter than a rat or a dog that drools when he hears a bell…

To be fair I believe that some of these medications can be helpful in that it can create enough space from the addicts true self and their addiction so that they can explore these ideas and grow as a human so that they don’t just become a dry drunk Much in the same way that Anti-depressants while they don’t fix the underlying cause of the depression/anxiety they can allow one the mental stability so that they can change their life situation to a more positive 1 and wean themselves off of the medication over time with trained help ( If it is safe everyone’s mental health is unique and sometimes truly Is a chemical imbalance so I do apologize if I am over reaching in this analogy).

Full disclosure I am fairly caffeinated and currently pumping iron so forgive me if I come across aggressive in my speech, But I truly believe in the limitless potential of human self growth And in the long term I think it transcends any gimmick or trick.

Good luck brother and to any one using this medication. let me know your results I will be sure to look further into this as any tool we can use to liberate ourselves from this horribly self destructive substance should be explored with an open yet scrutonous mind.


I am taking nalxetron and i believe it’s e working. Keep it up but as others have said get it from a doctor


I too was relapsing every month or week or however long i could last for a long time. I also saw this method and was very close to starting it but I decided to try AA first as my “second to last resort”. Happy to report I have been attending meetings daily, have a sponsor and working the steps. My desire to drink has dissapeared and I have met so many interesting, sober people that understand my struggles. I finally have some peace and hope. My Wife is pretty pleased as well, much happier on many levels. Lots more work to do i know, but that will continue until they put me in a pine box.


Have you experienced any side effects Nicole. I’m starting on naltrexone next week though I’m taking it for opiate addiction :slightly_smiling_face:

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At first i didnt feel anything but then after like 2-3 drinks…starts to get a mild nausea feeling. Have to stop.

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I’ve been on naltrexone for 4years for opiates and I have had no side effects from it. I take it daily but when I leave the country for vacation I don’t and that’s the beauty that there is no withdrawals or sleep issues it’s just a great pill


Do you find that it eliminates cravings? That’s the reason I have fought to get it prescribed, I don’t intend on using anything.
They would not prescribe it for me when I first asked a couple of weeks ago,I think they originally said no because it’s quite expensive. I just wanted to use every tool available and an happy to hear you have been having a positive experience with it :+1::slightly_smiling_face::grinning:

Is it expensive? I pay $5 here in ny for it but yes it helps with cravings and I would recommend it to anyone who has struggled through opiate addiction. I do remember the first days though that I was on it I wanted to get high so I did and it felt like I was being stabbed all over my body. I didn’t get high but I remember the pain. It’s a great opiate blocker but it won’t eliminate all cravings just help them become milder

I believe it is quite expensive though I will only be paying the cost of the prescription which isn’t much. Yeah I have no intention of using wrist on it, I realise it won’t necessarily eliminate all cravings and I don’t really get many. It’s just a tool I feel I may benefit from using.
Thank you for sharing your experience with it :+1::grinning:

No problem, all the best!!

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I take Naltrexone alongside Antabuse but only on days when I know I have an event or something that slightly worries me, I’m not even sure if it does anything or it’s just a placebo effect, but ibwas warned not to drink on it? That said, whatever works for you!

Whatever works!
I take refusal ocassionally.
Its like antabuse.
Gives me great peace of mind.

not yet but i just started taking it the other day. im interested in the sinclair method… not sure tho… looking in to it. im also on librium and gabapentin which im pretty sure im not supposed to drink on those. scarily enough i was watching some youtube videos from doctors and people who have taken it and gabapentin is a very dangerous drug… so this is all kind of meh at the moment.

Don’t you drink a little with the Sinclair method, I could be wrong but going off your posts in recent months of suggest you would be much better off not drinking, I’m just remembering how much you seem to have struggled getting detoxed. I’m not trying to be a dick :slightly_smiling_face:

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i get what you’re saying. I had just watched a video on youtube explaining that it does not work if you do not drink. you are only supposed to take it if you are having a drink to see that you do not want to drink anymore. let me find the link

not saying im going to go out and buy a pack of beer lol i can’t drink on librium anyways. i just found it interesting.