Trying to get clean again

Hi my name is Lauren I have been using almost all drugs but the main one is heroin. I was clean for over a year but been back on them for two I had a rough two years a lot has happened and those are the reasons why I fell back. I wouñd love to tell my story but it is a very emotional one that a lot of ppl I have told has broken in tears. I’m writing a book about it. But I’m looking for help on here to try to get back a good life. But please if u would like to see my story of why I fell then I can post it but it’s not done I can tell the rest after ppl read it if u would like and maybe that would help you all to understand me


I’d be happy to read your story Lauren!

Thank you n hope u had the time to take to read it. Tomorrow i start detox on my Owen but I have a great guy that will be helping me just in case I need anything😁

Well good luck tomorrow! I hope everything works out for you! I’ve been a little behind, so I’ll be reading your story today. :blush:

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