Trying to get sober for the first time in December didn’t work great. Doing better!

I am currently 23 days and just about 6 hours sober!

This is the longest stretch I’ve gone and I’m quite happy :two_hearts:

My birthday is coming up and that might be difficult, but I just gotta keep on pressing on :two_hearts:


You can do it
And i wish you a very pleasant birthday :partying_face:

Your doing amazingly well, have you got any support, it’s really hard to do this on your own ?
Take care & don’t drink even if your arse falls off.

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Well done, celebrate your birthday by not drinking, that is the best birthday present you will ever receive good luck


Thats awesome! Have a great birthday and notbdrinking and remembering your birthday will be a great gift.

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Wow!! Congratulations on your 23 days!! And your upcoming Birthday!! What better gift for yourself than the pride of staying sober, clear, bright and regret free!! And waking up hangover free day after!! I cannot think of a better feeling or gift to one self!!! You so deserve that!!! :heartbeat:

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Getting sober is about relearning how to live.

You can celebrate your birthday any way you wish. Its time to start a better, sober tradition!

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