Trying to stay positive

I have almost 5 months clean the longest clean time I have had in my life of addiction I started off with weed but as I got older I progressed to stronger drugs till three years ago I broke three bones in my right leg the doctors were feeding me pain pills like they were MnMs after that it was off to the races I couldn’t stop abusing my meds after 6 months they cut me off n the withdrawals kick it feeling like shit a so called friend introduce me to dope I been struggling with this addiction for 3 years in the process of almost losing my wife n kids over dosing twice in 24 hours I knew I need help so I went to a residential treatment center n got clean if anyone cares to share there store feel free


Thank you for sharing your story. Remember you had 5 months before, you can have and surpass it again!

Thx it’s so good to have a network of fellow addicts that understand ya pain n struggles

If you haven’t looked at any of your papers from treatment just go through it and take time to read the papers… I believe if I would have took the time I could have made a better turn in the beginning. Keep your head up. Bring yourself back to the present moment. You got this!!

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Thx means allot to me I’m just taking it one day at a time

You’re welcome. And that’s great!! Each and everything you do in a day counts!

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