Trying to stay sober

Today marks 7 days sober. I officially hit rock bottom last Friday night. I decided to take the night off of work and go out with some friends. I ended up blacking out and tried driving home. I got pulled over and got arrested for blowing a .28. I was drinking close to every night for 7 months even sitting at home getting drunk by myself. It came to the point every time I went out with my friends I would ALWAYS black out. The next morning I could not remember anything that had happen and I hated that feeling it made sick to my stomach and give me the worst anxiety. The past 7 days have been a struggle but I’m taking it day by day. I’m also on 1 year probation without being aloud to drink alcohol I am so afraid I am going to mess up. I know I need this. Who I was when I was drinking was not the person I am.
Day by day.

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Sometime god works in mysterious ways, getting pulled over and a DUI was saving you. You will feel better, after a few weeks. I am day 55 and still have my moments but I think of the out come that won’t be pretty. Hang in there and feel free to reach out.

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Ya, just hang in there, day by day like you said.

Maybe try to find some AA meetings and get a phone list so you can lean on people.