TS Cycling Thread - Biking Sober!

Yeeey, cycling thread!
My today’s effort on a sunny :sun_with_face: day

Me and my mate

Deserved treat


Did some another great cycling with an awesome group of people today :blush:


Had a good ride. Part of it through the woods on unpaved tracks. Tracks that in the past would be empty in winter, but now are crowded with folks on gravel bikes. While the polder is quiet. I’ll stick to my endurance bike for a while to come, with wider tires (30mm) than I drove in the past. Suits me absolutely fine. Than again, don’t judge me when I suddenly show up with a gravel bike after all :upside_down_face:


Had a terrible ride today. Have suspected there is something wrong with my front rim with how the valve stem comes out. Thought I had a solution, but got 2 punctures at the base of the stem on my ride today, and broke the quick release on my seat post.
Frustrating as it cut my ride short on some of the best trails in the world

Did get this view just after my 2nd puncture as I walked back to the car


First commute in months. I liked. Let’s have some more dry weather so I can do it more. Also April 1st a new more flexible system for reiskostenvergoeding (commute cost compensation) comes into place here, meaning I can claim some money for cycling to and from work, as well as have my public transport card paid for by my employer. Nice incentive.


Organic grocery shopping Saturday. Cold, grey, wet. Pretty miserable. Long ride. Not in great shape. But made it home and the catch made up for it.


Where is this?

Rotorua. NZ. Whakarewarewa mountain bike trails

A few years ago. Backside of Sulphur Mountain. Banff Alberta, Canada.