TV / Newspaper appearances etc

Has anybody been on the TV?

Has anybody been in the newspaper / magazines?

Even for crimes committed?

Share your story…

I’ve been in 442 magazine - which is a football magazine when I was younger and played for York City

Been on a TV documentary when I was younger about growing up on a council estate- only featured briefly

What about others?


I was in a newspaper when I was younger, the city farm burnt down and as part of the army cadets we were part of the clean up in the aftermath

I was on t.v. briefly at Tony hawk’s gigantic skate park tour in Cornelius.

And got a few beauty shots in our local newspaper. Beauty shots, mug shots…whats the difference right?

My daughter and I were in the newspaper in Sydney when I was 19. It was an article promoting the shelter we were living in at the time which had only just opened. It was run by the red cross and it was a place for pregnant teenagers and young mothers. Fantastic place.

Been in a few magazines but all work related but still something oh and my car was on a tv benefits show! Not on purpose they were filming close to the place i worked and i spotted it i was quite excited about it haha

I’ve got a few things my bands have been in over the years. I’ll see if I can dig them up…should be fun, as I totally forgot about them until this thread!

Been on TV News lots of times. Was once even spotted by a TS Forum member. Was an extra in a couple of movies, total screen time of about 3 seconds. I am a regular contributor to an on-line magazine, too. Been a guest on a couple of pod-casts.

This interests me. Big fan of the film Harry Brown, and wondered how much of this was pure fiction and exaggeration. Was a big fan of the series “The Wire” which takes place in Baltimore. I used to spend a lot of time in “Charm City” for work, and found the series to be very close to reality, with regard to the projects there.

I was a teen model