TW self harm. Relapsed tonight

Tw self harm mentions/some detail

So i fucked up. I started cutting when i was 11 and im 21 almost 22 now. I do it when the ptsd flashbacks get really bad and i slipped up tonight. I feel bad cause my friends and my sponsor all say to call them but honestly i dont remember much of doing it cause i dissociate a lot, i kinda just come to once the pain hits. And once that happens i feel guilty about it. Now im trying to sleep and my leg feels like its on fire. I have a class in 8hrs. Fuck. Idk if others on here struggle with this and dont worry im currently seeing a therapist and i will tell her about this when i see her in a few days


Talking about it helps. It takes courage and faith to start over.

I just wanna offer my love & support. I wanna tell you everyone here self harms its just the methods are different. Many of us self harm with substances. So dont be too hard on yourself. Pick up and keep going! One day at a time. Work out a plan with your therapist.
:100::heart: my friend!! Get some antibiotic ointment with Vitamin E & hopefully that will help with the physical pain. Its a new day!

Hope your day improves. Look ahead and not behind. Praying for you.

I struggle BAD with sh. I’m so sorry ur going through this. I’m right around ur age too. I’m 24 y/o and I’ve been dealing with this for about 9 years. It’s a horrible illness, I hate this addiction. Best of luck to u. Message me if u need to talk or just need a friend :heart: