TWO Weeks (14 days) future is bright ✌️

Just a quick thank you for all the amazing support I’ve recieved and the encouragement… Am doing really well I’ve completely done this on my own each day at a time and so many good things are happening… My brother came to mine tonight and he said how nice it was that I wasnt drunk or in bed rough and that all the family is so happy and it’s true don’t realise when we’re in active addiction how much worry pain and upset it causes to those close to us made me sit back and think about my actions today… Am feeling blessed and truly happy about my future… One day at a time good night and hope your all doing well in your own recovery journeys love Dave :heart:


Congratulations Dave. Great when others notice.
Nice one :facepunch:

Thank you and hope your good 2 :+1:

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Yes mate. All’s good here thanks!