Two weeks four days sober helpful ideas needed

Hi I am recently drug free I am addicted to crack. I have been clean now for two weeks and four days. I know it’s not huge or anything but if anyone has ideas to help keep my mind busy I’m very sick so the exercise thing is out I do stretches.
Weird thing for me is I’m dreaming about it I must be crazy .
But if anyone has any ideas to help me stay sober please let me know thanks


Almost 3 weeks. That’s huge. I was hooked on Crack about 4 years ago. It was a really tough one. I would definitely check out NA meetings on Zoom or in person for sure. I know alot of people including myself like to color.

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Welcome! Sassy put a great list together. It’s so long that I’m going to post a link rather than copy and paste it.


Hi :raising_hand_woman: welcome to the community im glad your here with us, there is so much support here for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations on your 2 weeks and 4 days thats brilliant.

The dreams of using, i still have them, i wake up feeling so relieved that it was not real and just a dream.
My DOC was Alcohol and Cocaine.
Reaching out and connecting here has been my no.1 support system.


Thanks for the ideas . And the congrats I didn’t think it was anything special now I feel good about my self thank you so much


You should feel super proud :hugs::muscle:

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Congrats on your sober time! All those days you beat the demon!!!

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Glad youre sober! One idea might be getting an inexpensive sketchbook and some pens and markers. Fill it up with anything, even pages of scribbles.

art and journal are good places to go to get bad energy out without making bad choices imho

You can do this!

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That’s two weeks and four days more than you thought you could. Congrats! :partying_face: I’ve been coloring, mind puzzle games, and watching funny shows.

Welcome to the forum :blush: