Two weeks sober and

… I’ve woke feeling like all I wanna do is cry :sob:

I don’t want to pick up the bottle. And I definately don’t have suicidal thoughts, but I’m struggling with my emotions.

I own a nail salon, and today is the first day I’ve had to reschedule the entirety because I don’t feel up to it. I’m sure these feels will come to pass, but right now a house on a hill, surrounded in nature, secluded from people, is how I’m swaying.

Just feeling blah, and a little yuk about it all. I was about to message a friend in regards but then I found this app and felt more inclined to talk with those going through similar.

#shattered #Ijustwannasleep #butlifestillneedsliving :sleeping:


Aw I’m sorry! Sounds like your feelings are all over the place. Taking some time out might be just what you need. When we get sober, and stop suffocating our feelings, they can start surfacing uninvited can’t they. I don’t know your situation but just wanted to reach out and say hi, we’re all here. You’re right, it will pass. I hope it passes quickly for you.


I really feel for you … i was so emotional i cryedat everything and everyone… i know it feels like the end of the world at the moment but i promise u it does get better… have u got much support around you x


Hi welcome. I don’t know what your DOC is but usually coming off it can cause high emotions. Best to go with it and really go for some self care. Pamper yourself. Go with the flow and be kind to yourself.

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i felt the same today, i find books help me deal with my crap i have bottled up all my life. It gets better, is a real rollercoaster ride, just hang in there.

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Ya. I get it. First few weeks were very up and down. It DOES level out tho.

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