Types of goals

So after 42 day of voyeuring the app and threads, I figured I’d post and say thank you. I find the happenstances of life amazing like stumbling on this app when I decided to stop drinking. Can’t thank the people who explained paws to others so I could poach the lesson for myself. It’s not easy, especially the first month. Which as I’ve owned up about my quest to maintain sobriety, I’m humbled by my work and social circles congratulations.
However, that’s not the point of my post. I’m a documentary freak. I will watch anything. I like the genre. Around my 30th day I stumbled upon “happy” on Netflix. In it they discuss intrinsic vs extrinsic goals. The things that are personal growth related or things that can be obtained. In that moment I realized all of my goals are intrinsic. Even my sobriety. Everyday I try and be a little better be it guitar, golf (which is my profession, I teach), building better relationships. I get the impression that many of us share that intrinsic value.
Just wondering what some of you might do for yourself or what do you wish you could learn that you haven’t?


I’d like to get my GED or hiset. And get a promising part time job. I recently got myself a job councilor so soon enough I’ll be working I hope
We shall see. :slight_smile:

*I’d like to quit smoking cigarettes in the future (that’s my last vice) I tried to quit when I got clean and sober but it was too much.
*I’d like to take a painting class. I’m self-taught but would like some training.
*I’d like to learn Spanish (in my line of business and location, it would be incredibly helpful)


I have signed up for a drawing class to learn how to do it properly. I draw but it is all “copy” work right now. And for the most part I’m really not that good.

Basically I’d like to learn to do anything “creative”. I’m working on a novel but I have no clue how to go about it. I’d like to learn to draw. I’d like to learn to play the guitar. I think I’d even like to learn to paint but since I won’t let the kids use paint in the house it wouldn’t be fair if I did. Ha ha ha.

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Good luck to you man. I fully endorse finishing up your ged. Look up gig economy jobs. Uber and Lyft fall into that category. But so do folks with CCNA certification. Installing routers and switches for networks. There’s cost to the education, but the jobs pay well too. There are hundreds of things like that out there. Maybe you find something really worthwhile and not just some job for money. Goo luck again