Ughh the urge is there

I am feeling weakk minded tonight as i am really starting to crave. Ive kept busy these last couple hours so its starting to kinded go away. But the same time i have the little voice saying just do it … butt i cant keep going i gotta kickk thiss .what does one do when the urge starts to take your mind. Ohhh i amm really trying hard i hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Thank you to the people that take the timento read and give some input on how to go about curving these craves t.i.a

My mind spins around like i cant even explain :sleepy:


My little voice would be roaring around 4:30 or 5 pm. I’d get in the shower and drown him out. Long hot shower. 20-30 minutes. I did a lot of crying too. I was so angry. Why can’t I drink like everyone else? It’s not fair. I never take showers in the evening so it also screwed with my brain. Then all relaxed and cried out I’d pour myself a nice glass of sparkling water in my favorite wine glass and cook a nice dinner.

And I was doing 2 power walks a day with Eminem and some other angry gangsta pop artist. Oh man I was so angry.

It did get easier.
Play the tape forward.
I’m powerless over alcohol after that first drink.


If you have a sponsor, call them, if you try looking at videos to understand how this addiction works. It’s important for me to identify my emotions and fears. When I have a feeling I don’t want , I usually want to replace it. The craving is just a way our brain tells us to do that because of our addiction tells us it’s good. When you find out what’s going on with you personally, use positive coping skills to help you overcome that feeling. YOU CAN DO IT , PRAY AND ASK GOD FOR THE POWER AND STRENGTH TO BE SOBER TODAY , EVERYDAY. attend a meeting , get connected with recovery resources, that’s the medicine we need to treat this illness.


Take a walk without cash in your pocket, take a snack break, take a nap, take a scroll of some funny memes, take a moment to think it over or to read the story from another addict.

Don’t take a step back and put yourself back to day one. You are heard and understood in this craving. :heart:


Can you get to a meeting ?
This is the zoom code for a 24hr AA meeting


You can keep your audio and camera off and just listen in to others.

This really can help us rebalance our thoughts to use.


thαt urgє αlwαчѕ ѕtαrtѕ wíth α thσught. σur вrαínѕ hαvє α pαttєrn rєcσrdєd єvєrчtímє wє uѕєd αnd ít ѕtαrtєd wíth α thσught σf gєttíng hígh σr drínkíng αnd thαt’ѕ whαt wє díd. nσw wє wαnt tσ ѕtσp thíѕ вєhαvíσr . wє hαvє tσ rєtrαín σur вrαínѕ αnd thαt tαkєѕ tímє. wє hαvє tσ rєplαcє σld hαвítѕ wíth hєαlthч σnєѕ αnd thαt dσєѕn’t hαppєn σvєr níght. ít dσєѕ hαppєn wíth rєpєtítíσn, αnd pєrѕíѕtєncч . αftєr α whílє σur вrαínѕ wσn’t rєmínd uѕ ѕσ much tσ gєt hígh. whєn чσu rєplαcє чσur thσughtѕ чσur urgєѕ wíll ѕuвѕídє σr вєcσmє dєfєαtєd.


Never been to onee it makes me nervous iunnoo ive never tried it i guess… ive made it to 12 now… just hoping the day goes good

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How are you doing? I see u posted 1 day ago. U managing ok?

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Soo far soo good better then the other… but that sometimes can cange in a instant. But thank yu for askinng

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It truly can. I left my place to go for an appt. I must’ve had 2 slight triggers of things I saw etc that sort of brought the thought of the “old me” back. It’s nice to know that they are just that… thoughts. And that we don’t have to act on them :slight_smile:

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I hope to continue on that path, as i get weak minded at moments… just need some coping skillz



“Play it forward”…I Love That



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