Unable to sleep

Sleeping getting worse even sober been up since 3.30am feel so burnt out taking valerian but I’m getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night and I wake up several times during that. Any advice?

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How long you’ve been sober ? Firsts weeks were tough on sleep for me…
It was hard for me too - I did have prescriptions pills thought…but not anymore, I do a hot shower, try to avoid screens and work like 1-2h before bedtime. Reading helps me too…

When I have insomnia I sometime trick myself by saying : Ok I’m just going to relax in my bed. I’m not trying to sleep, just trying to enjoy being relaxed in my bed. And then I sleep (or not, depends on the stress level I’m on usually…)

Meditation helps a lot of people if you’re able to. Hope you can have some rest

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Melatonine helped me sleep, it’s worth a try. I used it the first weeks after I quit drinking. Now my sleeping patern has normalized and I can do without it.

My sleep is a bit shaky still - 48 days in.

I find having a good bed time routine helps. No screens and hour or so before bed, meditation, some sort of exercise in the day helps tire me out. Just generally trying to get your mind in a quiet, ready for sleep state.

A bath helps me, and I always read which sends me to sleep :joy: I’m not a fan of pills, but herbal remedies like levendar oil might be worth a shot. No caffeine in the PM.

Otherwise, just time! X


One thing I thought I’d mention since not everyone knows about it. Valerian root can mess with the way some medications work. If this applies to your situation, it could be worth considering if that may be affecting your sleep as well.

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Cant buy it legally in the UK thanks though I have heard it’s very good

I’m going to try no valerian tonight and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Thanks reading definately helps. Need to take your advice on screens i have got into the habit of checking my phone in the middle of the night which I should definitely try to stop doing. Makes me wide awake so quickly

I started taking 5Htp and magnesium at night. I think it’s helping, only day 3. I also diffuse some essential oils.

Is CBD oil legally in the UK? Maybe you can try that?