Unf$uck Yourself

Sorry for the thread title, but it’s the name of a book I’m reading about how to change your ways and attitude.

It’s not about addiction but I grown like believe when you slay your dragons addiction gets easier.

There is nothing scientific but it’s a great swift kick in the pants on how you are responsible for how your life turns out. It’s great motivation to make a change. Very unlike any other self help books I’ve read.

The audio book costs $12. I’ve been falling asleep to it. Blackout is a great book too… The woman details her days of blackout fictional alcoholism (resonated with me) and gets you thinking how sad it is.

Yes I read that one. I like that it forces you to think about alcohol in the negative light it deserves. I don’t like the author trying plug an online site and act like her method is new or different.

Blackout is not preachy. It’s an author telling really scary or silly stories. And how her life was impacted by quitting drinking.

Unf$ck yourself is the opposite of the naked mind. The author says right out his methods are not ground breaking but they’re simple reflection exercises that are effective. The audio book is really good… Like a friend giving you the come to Jesus let’s get real talk