Unsure if alcoholic

I’m trying to do better. I’m not sure if I’m a full blown alcoholic, but I’m weary, I definitely used to drink more

What makes you suggest you may be an alcoholic?

Whatever the reason I hope you get feeling better and your in the right spot.

I changed the title of this one to “Unsure if alcoholic”, because the previous title (…bnfhfdyur) was not a word or sentence.


I believe someone is an alcoholic if they let it consume their thoughts a lot more than is healthy, if having a couple during a football game and no more well than that’s not really out of control but if they’re throwing back a case daily or drinking pints of whisky than that’s an alcoholic especially if someone can’t stop at 1 or 2 and drinks daily like I said. In step 1 of AA it states this “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol~that our lives had become unmanageable.” The 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA page 21. As for me my life had become powerless and unmanageable even at the tender age of 14 I had become an alcoholic which took me 31 yrs to battle my way back to life and have not had a single drink for 3 yrs and 5 month’s. I’m very lucky to be alive and detoxed myself on August 26th 2013 with the help of my family. I didn’t think I was an alcoholic though for many years even though I was consuming a fifth of Jack Daniels a day! So my answer to that is yeah I’m an alcoholic, a recovering one just one day at a time and I’m not guilty today :muscle::heart: in recovery​:+1: Bless all who are unsure and battling this at the moment :v: have faith and strength to fight off this disease… You are worthy of it and love​:blush: One more thing I noticed this question was started on October 31st which was the day I lost my mom 5 year’s ago and my grief was so horrendous I began drinking very heavily, whiskey in fact almost a fifth a day of Jack Daniel’s, I couldn’t eat or sleep and lost 25 lbs in 2 month’s eventually weighing only 85 lbs, I wore a size 00 now looking back I was only hurting myself and my family by almost killing myself drinking and no matter how much I drank to escape the pain it was never going to bring my mom back, I was so powerless, my behavior was unmanageable until one night I flipped out on everyone who cares for me and the next day I didn’t drink ever again, I detoxed myself with my family watching over me. I’m so thankful for them and that I finally got it and what I was doing to everyone around me. Today I have no urge whatsoever and now live in a alcohol free environment.
I pray my story helps at least one person through sharing it there’s no shame in admitting to being am alcoholic in fact my Dr is a recovering alcoholic too…

if you are questioning it chances are you are one - i used to live with this denial but then realized i Am.

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I view alcoholism as the inability to control ones drinking. This means that once you start you will experience the compulsion to consume more. In the early stages this compulsion is very subtle. As it manifests it will mean that you rarely if ever have just 1 (or 2) drinks, it’s always more. You can try just having 1 a few times. As it grows you will find that you are not able to control AND enjoy your drinking. Simply this means if you control the amount you consume you won’t enjoy it (you will be restless because you want more) and if you enjoy it it will be too much.