Update on my meth addiction



258 days clean off meth!! I’ve never thought I’d make it this far. I thought I’d be using forever, like if living sober was not an option for me… I was convinced meth was gonna be the thing that killed me. I thought I’d be dead before the new year started… But here I am… Almost 9 months sober & I’ve never felt better in my whole life. This year I’ll mark a year. I never thought that’d be possible.
I’m healthy, I’m alive & I feel beautiful. I love life right now… I’m at least content with everything.


I’m so proud of you! I literally got goosebumps for your proclamation!


Thank you so much! I wanna cry just thinking about it.


Crying is healthy :slight_smile: I balled my eyes out and still do here and there.

Just drink more water haha. I find crying is a good way to really look back at how bad things where which helps with not relapsing


258 days of getting better at getting better!


Amen to your testimony, @maria_benavides! I too never thought I could live sober. I too love life right now. :heart_eyes:


wow!!! congratulation!!!


I’ll cry with joy this time!!


Amen you guys!! Good luck ymto each of you on your journey of sobriety!


Life is really good, hard but good, when you care about it, about other people’s lives and when you are able to really properly listen(read) and absorb. You are doing an aging thing and I am happy for you, for me , for everyone who is fighting and those who will…


Amen :pray:t4: making it my best life


Awesome! :slight_smile:


Very encouraging!!!