Used meth for 40+ years

1979 nobody really heard of meth. Buddy of mine started making p2p dope. Used most every day, snorting. Watched other people wig out and get sucked up. But not me, I drank water and ate. And slept a little. It only cost $40 back then to make a pound of high grade meth. So money we did make. Then in 1994 someone broke out a glass pipe and that was it for me. Moved up to Hollywood and started slingin dope. Within 3 months I was moving 4 ozs a day, my cost $1K. At $250 a 1/4 oz. that’s $3K a day profit. And then all of a sudden the door got kicked in and off to jail I go. 2 weeks, let off on probation. 1996, busted with 2 ozs and a scale, 1 year county jail and probation. Moved out of LA back home to SD. Kept using for a few years, then slingin again in 1999. 2002, the damned door came down again, only had a few grams, but violated probation in LA. Did 1 yr in SD jail then extradited to LA and got 3 yrs in the state pen. Paroled in 2005, started using again. 2010 met the woman of my dreams and got married, never used since we met. Didn’t bother me one bit. Turned down offers all the time though. I just laugh. Some people can do meth, some can’t. I could, and did, and quit after all that time. It’s the damned cigarettes that are killin me. I’m 64 yrs old. People don’t believe it, they think I’m 55 or so. Lucky I guess. I just thought to myself, you lived a fine life before you started using, you can again if you quit. And I did. 10 yrs no dope.


Glad you’re here and healthy! What a life!
Some of us here are going to try (?) and quit cigs; you can join us if you’d like.
I know you’ll be a great addition here with all you’ve been through!:blush:

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