User stats glitch on mobile

Weird glitch. For a forum in an app that keeps track of time, can affect those paying attention to other stats.

Noticed on the mobile view of (including in the Sober Time app). If you look at the user stats page (“hamburger button” in upper right, choose Users) then try to change the time range of the view (week, month, year, etc) the actual numbers displayed don’t update correctly. Order changes but the values seem stuck.

If you do the same on a full desktop browser, they display/update correctly. As a mod I see the actual numbers are all there and what the forum is using to calculate statuses, badges and stuff. So I guess it’s just a display problem for the mobile view?

Checked on Android, in the app and in both Android Firefox mobile and desktop views, and desktop view on Firefox in Windows. Seems it’s really a mobile vs. desktop view on any platform.

Any ideas, @Robin?

(Meanwhile, if anyone’s checking their stats on that page for different time ranges, I suggest using a desktop browser.)


It’s been like that for quite sometime on my iPhone app as well. Not something I’m particularly concerned about other than to see how many likes @Dazercat has racked up. But since you mentioned I’d figured I’d chime in.


I have to refresh the page to get the stats to reload correctly, after selecting time frame.


This is all I’m taking away from this post.
I see it, and I like it.