Vacation I'll finally remember!

First sober vacation starts today LETS DO THIS! Nervous but optimistic!


I hope you have a lovely time! I was nervous the first time I went away sober but it really was awesome. Early clear headed starts to the days and so many new memories…:relaxed: I tried a lot of different foods that I wouldn’t of tried and we did loads of beach walking and cozy fire pit nights with hot chocolate. And not to mention the books I read. It’s amazing being actually on holiday sober. Rest, relax and enjoy!!! And don’t forget, if you need us at any point reach out, we’re only in your pocket lol. Safe travels!!! :hugs: I’m well jealous :woman_shrugging:t3: It’s peeing it down in the UK where I am, I hope you get sun :ok_hand::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Can’t wait to hear about your sober vacay!!! So much better starting each day feeling good. And remembering the day before? Priceless. Enjoy!!


I was super anxious about my first sober vacation. It was the annual trip to the beach with family and it happened to fall about 3 weeks after I stopped drinking.

I went in to it determined to stay sober. I did and let me tell you that it was the best vacation I had ever had up to that point. No hangovers ruining mornings and whole days. I was more well rested and willing to try new things because I wasn’t too drunk to participate in activities. Like you said, I also remembered the whole thing!! I did more in that vacation than I had in the previous 5 vacations combined.

Have fun and stay strong!!