Venting post because I feel fucked up

I’m just having one of those weeks where everything feels like it’s going wrong! You know when maybe your emotional defenses are a bit low and then a bunch of small inconvenient things happen to you and you end up feeling crazy. Like I got into a car accident that wasn’t my fault (a truck hit me while I was stationary), and as a result I was all shaken up and not very present or fun at my partner’s birthday lunch. Got a parking fine and another fine for forgetting to renew my car registration and had a series of other just generally dumb life admin things I should be on top of but am not. My confidence is super low at the moment from this onslaught of totally dumb sh*t that doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal and my anxiety is spiking like crazy. I feel stressed!

I’m also just feeling very much surrounded by drinkers right now-two of my closest friends at work are using and drinking constantly, and I feel like I’m always in debrief with one or both of them about their substance use. I love them but hearing about their messy weekend (sometimes weeknight) binges and their regrets and hangovers makes me feel like I need to retreat from the world.

None of this feels very serious so I feel very cheesy complaining about it-just feeling sorry for myself and appreciating the space to vent <3

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This is as good a place as any to vent!
I hope it helped, additionally try to take it easy and handle one thing at a time.
You got this

this was very helpful to read, thank you xx

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I can definitely relate to working with friends that still use. I too didnt wanna hear how awesome lastnite was and them worthless at work with a hang over. If you financially set alittle i would consider finding another job or looking while working. I made the decision to finally leave them and mentally ive been in a better space and peace. We are still friends but we hardly talk now and im ok with that … Its grown on me that they didnt have much purpose in my life.