Vertigo? Symptom or coincidence?

I recently had a cold and it feels likes there is still fluid in my ears. I had been dealing with terrible vertigo (when lying down) that I thought was related to the cold. But now I’m thinking that the veryigo was gone while I relapsed and now it is back again. Coincidence?? If it is a withdrawal symptom is there something I can do for it? I did get some medication but I don’t think it did squat.

I had a terrible cold about a week after becoming sober, all in my ears. Made me super dizzy. First I thought the dizziness was from altitude (skiing in Rockies), but I think it was all cold now. Since then my tinnitus has been horrible. Can’t block out the ringing with drinking anymore :frowning:, but the dizziness is gone! (37 days sober now)

I think I might have tinitis too. Every now and then I think I’m hearing a faint sound of a phone ringing…like someone has that “old fashioned” ringtone on their cell. But it sounds faint and far off. I heard it again today but I’m at home and there is NO phone here with that ringtone. :disappointed:

So do you then think it is alcohol related? Maybe the cold was alcohol related. I’ve had a rough few months with illnesses.

When I was drinking I NEVER got sick. Then that bad cold. I always thought about the alcohol killing the germs! I have had my hearing checked and have some loss in the ear that rings a lot, but it is definitely worse now while sober. Not sure of cause and effect, but I feel like there is something to it.

I got a cold in late November while sober, got better then relapsed and got another cold. Couldn’t hear in either ear and had ringing on and off for a month. It finally cleared up when I added a ton of vitamin c to my diet.

I am going to try that vitamin C idea! Thanks!