Vitamins and supplements

Who on here took to taking vitamins and minerals on top of there diet and which ones


I have been off and on with supplements over the years. Last time, I was taking around twenty different ones every day. After being off them for over a year, I feel no different. That’s probably why I never stick with it, because I don’t feel any different. Instead I choose foods that have the nutrients I’m looking for.

I take a multivitamin formulated for men over 50, krill oil, Tumeric with pepper extract, and elderberry extract.


The most objective website on supplements, I find, is . If you look up fish oil for example it goes into incredible detail with about 600 citations for sources of their information and details of each human trial. Fortunately they provide good summaries and meta-analyses of data and we don’t need to know all the biochemistry.


I take a multivitamin every day but that’s it.

I’ve tried fish oil pills and some of the other more popular supplements but I never noticed any difference in how I felt. I’m also skeptical of the effectiveness of all that stuff because of all the different opinions and articles that are out there. The only supplement I’ve ever taken that I could tell a noticeable difference from is Creatine and that was done with a lot of weight lifting and on a very specific schedule.

So now I just stick with a daily multivitamin.

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That’s all I have been taking is a multivitamin with iron and a cod liver oil suppose it can’t hurt to take so little. A lot people saying high doses of vitamin c where helping fight off covid a not understand why to be honest

Do you feel any benefits from it?turmeric meant be really good

Yes. I am a martial arts student, well past my physical prime. Without turmeric everything aches. Hands, shoulders, back, knees. With it I am mostly pain free, beyond the bumps bruises one would expect from extreme physical contact.


I also noticed I rarely if ever get headaches. Really. Maybe only one every 3 months or so.

Av got turmeric powder is it best just add to meals or eat it whole somehow

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Do vitamin tablets actually works. I can’t eat much at the moment due to anxiety etc (hence awake now). I have taken them before but never felt any different. I am eating fruit and salad so it’s not all bad.

I take a good amount, multi vitamin, gallbladder/liver support and my greens mix with protein powder(from Tiger Fitness). I get everything from I heard of through the Doctor Bob Marshall radio show, he’s all about the natural side of things and always explained everything thoroughly. I been using his stuff for years.


Googled the Egyptian oil interesting stuff does everyone take there supplement in the morning a do with ma breakfast

Do u feel the benefits? I have took multivitamin,cod liver oil religiously for months and can’t work out if it’s beneficial also a pescatarian for the same time

I take women’s multivitamin I take pro biotics tablets for my gut and cod liver oil also take vit c only when needed though

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Do u feel they work?

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Tbh I’m not to sure I don’t think you meant to feel any effect that you can feel the gut ones defentily help,

Do you think there is anything different between the cheaper product and the branded ones. Are we just paying for the name or is it just a placebo. So many on the market it’s hard to distinguish from the good, bad and ugly.

So wat does the gut one Do? Ever since I stopped taking painkillers I have had no stomach pains or heartburn I eat healthy and all I intend to do is repair the organs I have damaged over last 10 year

I feel like I do but I’m sure everyone is different, working out and good sleep schedule will make the most difference imo.