Wait what help.,

Hi… hi…

I need help from ya guys. How you deal with people who don’t understand you.
I have a “partner” and I think he is not on the same page as me.
Totally understand that bc if you read my post in July there was a big issue between us.
(Some things short for people that don’t know me and I need advice, I got in a situation that I believe the things that not happens what was told me, dm me for full version or need more of it to get a answer for my question)
Again… I don’t feel the support. He said he will but his actions are always the opposite.
How you deal with situations, where you stuck or alone and never get support.

I’m sober now for almost 3 months, but those kind of questions made me think to get a drink.
So I questioned it here…

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That’s a hard, hard feeling, when you feel like you can’t trust the person you’re with, and you’re not sure where to turn.

I guess it depends on where you are and what you need - like do you have a safe place to live and eat, etc - but in terms of emotional recognition (feeling seen and recognized: feeling like you have someone you trust), for me I got that from my recovery groups: they were filled with people who understood exactly the addiction and recovery journey I was on. A lot of them had been through relationship breakdowns and other crises as well, so we were able to talk about that too.

Do you have a recovery group you attend? There are in person and online ones.

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