Walking Zombie

So the Dr. gave me some Trazodone, 100mg, to help me sleep. Not only did I not get any sleep, but now I feel like a walking zombie

Wow, I heard that stuff knocks you out.

Sleep hygiene is important as well before you get ready to go to bed. Stay off your phone, computer, tv, etc. Do something relaxing. Drink a warm beverage, read, take a bath, etc.

I agree with @Oliverjava. Take it easy today and try again tonight.

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Hey @Mester. I am on the same medication trazadone 100mgs. (Two 50mg pills before bed) I’m not a Dr but my personal Dr says it’s okay to drink bedtime tea with it as long as it’s all natural :slight_smile: it’s probably the stress and anxiety that’s keeping you up because trazadone knocks me the hell out after about a half hour. Try to relax yourself the best you can. Listen to calm music and don’t try and wear yourself out. I’m telling you that’s some strong stuff lol just give it a little more time stay strong buddy


You’ll need to be eyes closed in bed within 30 minutes of taking Trazodone or you’ll miss the window of time where it would help you sleep. It’s really not a great sleep aid.

I just had my dr switch me to serequil…the traz didn’t even touch my RLS nvm help me with sleep. Works wonders didn’t have a single twitch all night last night and got a full nights rest

That’s weird. Maybe it just works different on different people. I can’t keep my eyes open after taking the stuff. Just my own experience. Haha @Collin

Of course, meds affect everyone differently.
I had better success (for sleep) with Seroquel and Thorazine, but these are strong antipsychotic meds and Trazodone is an antidepressant.

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Yes I am currently detoxing from a pretty severe oxy addiction so can defy vary from case to Case

I’ll try the sleepy time tea. I already have some, so no need to go out and buy it