Wanting a drink! BAD

Really wanting to stay sober…really want to prove to myself i can but all i can do right now is think about taking a shot…what is some tips to jeep me sober?!

I agree. Go for a walk. Write down the reasons you want to stay sober. Find something else you can focus on. Drawing? Coloring? Reading? Find something productive to do instead until it passes.

Call the AA hotline and they will talk you through it.

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Is the aa hotline free?

Yes, the hotline is free


Im just trying to keep busy and headstrong. Lets do this!

Why did you want to get sober? Do you have faith or believe in a higher power/God?

I have 2 kids and im drinking away my time with them. They deserve a sober mom!

Are they around? In school?

@stacymachele27, distraction, distraction, distraction until the feeling passes. Do you know what emotion is triggering this. Tiredness, illness, anger, boredom, once identified, look at positive ways of dealing with it. Make yourself proud and also your children proud of you for trying so hard to be clear headed and present in their life. Good luck, keep reading the forum, others have been through what you are going through and have won to get through another day strong and proud, you can do this!!!


Some days the best we can do is not drink, and that’s still a win. Whatever else may be bothering you or getting you down isn’t as important as not drinking. You can get through the next 10 minutes. Just keep doing it over and over again.


Thank y’all so much for the positive words!

Yup call the help line. I called this morning. It was extremely helpful. They connected me with a woman in my area. I’m meeting her at a meeting tomorrow. Stay strong you can do this!

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I’m in the same situation. Thank you for reaching out. Know that you are not alone. I’m struggling too, but I’m here.

Im within my first 24 hours…usually i start my day by having a shot of vodka…so today has been challenging to not have anythibg but im just trying to keep my mind busy right now

So I have been trying to get the name of a novel I randomly picked up from my library. The book is called “Another Love” by Amanda Prowse, it is a story about a professional woman’s descent into alcoholism, she is also a mother with a loving husband. It was heart rending and delves into her insecurities and why she drank. The images portrayed have stayed with me long after I finished the book as a cautionary reminder of how anyone can be affected by alcohol and the lengths they will go to satisfy their cravings. I hope it helps anyone on this forum that is struggling. Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves and have a happy life.