Wasted days

Crazy to think of all those wasted days both wasted and the main point TIME WASTED.

A massive chunk of your life you can’t remember because you have got so drunk you black out and forget. All those great nights out you can’t remember

It’s sad for me to think about. Just a random though I had.

Hope you are all doing well. One day at a time x


Not wasted. You learned exaclty who you dont want to be. Consider it a lesson learned.


I got like this early on. I’m experiencing it now with my ADHD: not diagnosed til I was 28 (34 now) and only just starting to understand how it affected/affects EVERY part of my life - particularly social matters. Can’t help but be sad sometimes that I struggled so much for so long without knowing why I didn’t seem to understand the world and people the way others did.

Anyhow. It’s definitely normal and healthy to mourn the time lost to drink/drugs, but just be careful to not get hung up on it. We can’t change the past, we can only work for a better today.


I used to feel that way too. I’m 2 years sober and no longer see that time as wasted. It was a lot of pain to gain an extraordinary new life in recovery. It was worth it.