Watching my football is one of the bigger triggers

I LITERALLY HAD A FULL BLOWN anxiety attack and a withdrawal all at the same time. I didnt cry I SOBBED. Drinking, food footballl!!! I have mental “illness” and I quote. "severe anxiety disorder, severe increasing Depression. Possibly bipolar. YAY ME. :unamused::neutral_face::anguished:

For me, at least in early recovery, I treated myself the way I’d treat a small child. If I knew things gave me anxiety, I avoided them, because anxiety makes makes me far more likely to act out.

So maybe you cod take some time away to get a bit more grounded before you watch another game?

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So skip the football. For me, I would drink wine while watching TV in the evening I quit watching TV for the first month or so. I did other things which I didn’t associate with drinking.


u dont understand, lol football is life! but, I made it through the game n had two waters whilst sitting at the bar.


Im a dangerous person i put myself through shit on purpose to see how strong I am. Turns out im prettt tough. been drinkings since 24 I just turned 34.

:frowning: It sucks to let go of stuff u love just cuz of stupid alcohol.

Life is life. Football is a game. My drinking and using will kill me if I go back out. I can honestly say testing your sobriety is a terrible idea. Even if you win 99 out of 100 times, it’s that one time where you lose that could mess up your life. I’m an alcoholic. Once I pick up I ain’t stopping. Maybe you don’t drink like me, maybe you aren’t an alcoholic. But if you drink like many of us here then I would caution against risking your sobriety and life just to watch football


I feel ur aggrivation, I assure you, Im a ragging alcoholic 4 tall boys a day type of gall. Im just here to Get sober. To heal. In any way I feel Is good for me. Im sober today. My battle is still young,also… I encourage anyone to heal In a way that is healthy for Them and your mind. Have a great day.

There is no sweatless path to victory. There is not victory without sacrifice. Freedom must be fought for, and defended.

It’s not alcohol that is keeping you from football. It’s the fact that you are not yet strong enough to enjoy sober an activity that you associate with alcohol. I live in a top wine producing state. There are literally 30 wineries withing 30 minutes of my house. I took wine classes, went to regular tastings, took meal/wine pairing classes. Wine was a huge part of what my wife and I did with friends. We’d spend sunny spring and fall Sunday afternoons, sitting with friends, eating, and enjoying wine.

I am sober now. I still go to wineries. I do all the things I used to do there, except drink wine. I can do this because I am strong in my sobriety. I have rejected alcohol as incompatible with living the life I want. It was my choice, 100% and I don’t have a single bit of regret.

You’ll be able to watch football with a crowd drinking around you, one day. Just not now.

So watch it at home. Invite a couple of supportive friends. Enjoy the game, the company, the food. Most of all, enjoy the sobriety. But, until you are ready to do things on your new terms, instead of conforming to your old life, you might want to take a break from football.


I found yesterday one of my biggest triggers is going home to the house I grew up in. I relapsed. I think I do need to start treating myself like a small child because if I pretend I don’t need help or that I can handle anything, I relapse. I have to actually give a crap about myself for this to work. I want to care about things again. Right now I just feel numb. And depressed. I want to hope things can get better again.

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I loved your msg. Thank u for ur words. Its not just alcohol I battle…I recently got diagnosed with B.P.D. S.D. S.A. n thats on top of my alcoholism. Ive yet to even begin to climb this huge mountain. Im ready though. I feel it.

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(((hug))) I know it sucks getting sober. I’m only a few days clean and I’m taking it ten seconds at a time. You can do this. You’re stronger than you know.

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BPD here too. Feel for ya.

Oh. Just reread your opening post. By BPD I mean Borderline Personality Disorder, if that’s what you meant. Sometimes people abbreviate bipolar disorder as BPD and that gets confusing for me.

Good luck babe! Its hard, its hard, its hard! But worth it.

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