Weaning off anxiety med


I have been weaning off one of my anxiety meds with Drs. approval. Insomnia seems to be hardest side effect. Have been on the meds for 6 plus years.


Im tapering off Klonopin myself. My body built up a dependency after years of using the med and the past couple of weeks have been rough. I seized this opportunity to quit drinking at the behest of my Dr. I look forward to the day that all of these withdrawal symptoms are behind me and I can go about the day with a clear head.


Kava tea or tincture is a natural anti anxiety. I use to have the WORST insomnia until I starting killing the addiction from the inside out. :slight_smile:
For me, sleep has been the number One aid in recovering the sobriety I had in my youth. One year down, tomorrow to go!


Thank you for the feedback. I used to run ultra marathons (50 mile and longer trail races). I started taking meds after I started driving a city bus in Toronto. It made me so numb but I hated the feeling of being “emotionless.” So Im leaving that job to do something else within that company. IMHO you shouldn’t need to take a pill to cope with work.


I took ssri and snri medication for anxiety and panic attack for 10 years. With sobriety and slow enough tapering I managed to quit those last year. The final quitting after the lowest dose was a bit hard, but it was only temporary and now I can live without medication. I’m Happy about that. Hope you get to a Happy place with this :sunglasses:


Right? These days there is a pill to help cope with everything except information overload


I know what you’re talking about with klonopin. It has a long half life and is a bugger to get off of. Melatonin helped me with sleep. I rarely went anywhere because of anxiety, but when I got my dog. l things changed. Do you have pet? Instantaneously dropped my anxiety and blood pressure. I can now walk around the block without fearing a panic attack.


Yes 2 amazing little Shit…soos.
I swear one of them has an anxiety disorder. He’s a rescue.


I just wonder what mg, or equivalent measurement I should be looking for here on the mainland. I know we have so many faux supplements. I want to make sure I am buying something authentic. Do you have a home brand or buy in bulk?


I weaned off Lexapro not too long ago. I hadn’t been taking it too long, so it was not bad. I really liked how the Lexapro evened me out and made me feel normal for me, but I didn’t like the idea of having to take it.

Keeo with your taper and you should be fine. Sleep is so important, keeping all caffeine sources to a minimum after 2pm helped me.


If the meds you are weening off of are benzos, I highly suggest sticking with it. I took my prescribed amount for over 7 years and was fine. Then one day my tolerance shot through the roof and I was taking more and more. I had to be medically detoxed (rapidly) and it was hooooooorible!

The sleep will level out as the receptors in your brain recalibrate. I do massive “sleep hygiene”, no caffeine after 3 pm, have a relaxing routine for a few hours before bed. These things help so so so much.


Did you suffer with brain fog and headaches? I just completed my 2nd week tapering off Klonopin and its been a bit gnarly. How long before your symptoms started to lessen?


Oh hell yes I did. I was detoxed off of 8-10 mg of benzos (xanax and klonopin), so the brain fog lasted quite a while. Also was on 400 mg of Seroquel, which made the brain fog a lot worse. I’m still in the process of wheening off the seroquel. I never abused it so we are going the normal reduction route which takes a long ass time.

The headaches may be anxiety related. Or slight migraines caused by overall chemical changes in your brain.

When did you take the last klonopin?


My heart cheers for you! I am a mental health nurse and we refuse to prescribe any type of benzos just for the reasons I am seeing on this thread. They are HIGHLY addictive and were only meant to be used short term but doctors screwed that one up also. I pray the side effects of weaning off goes smoothly.