Weekend alcohol avoidance

How does everyone get through the weekends? Between dinners, seeing friends, family events there is always drinking. How do you stay sober and resist the drinks? Unfortunately not going isn’t an option.

Help :flushed:

That’s a tough situation to be in… I read in ur post that not going isnt an option, but is leaving early maybe an option? In the past when I have been around others who were drinking (example family function), i would sometimes step out for a few min or go to the bathroom to take some deep breaths and regroup myself. I get overwhelmed easily so at times I would leave early to remove myself from the situation. But… prior to going to the dinner/event I would definitly prepare myself by going to a meeting, doing some recovery related readings, prayer, talking to my sponsor, etc. Not sure if meetings or prayer are apart of your recovery but I found that it helped me. Just doing some things recovery related before hand helped abit :slight_smile: ultimately tho, if I really didnt feel prepared and strong enough to withstand the drinks, I honestly wouldnt go. My recovery comes 1st above anything and sometimes not attending is the best option.


Why is not going not an option? In early recovery you need to put yourself first even if that is saying no to someone else. Your the priority. There’s always gonna be another dinner or gathering, may be best to go when your stronger.


Some can be avoided true. But family celebrations I.e. 50th birthday celebrations, family gatherings etc cannot be missed unfortunately.

My weekends are filled with going to the gym, grocery runs, meal prep, hanging with my pupper, quick weekend trips if time allows, etc.

I resist the drinks because I quit drinking, and I know that if I start again, I might not make it back again.


Personally I would say that anything is avoidable.
No one can make you do something against your will.
If you fear for you sobriety, I would stay at home. I gave up just before Christmas 18 and didn’t attend any family get togethers.
All I can say is if you have to go leave early.
Always have a drink in your hand.
Don’t be scared to say no.
It’s your life,


For me, having a non-alcoholic beverage with me helps. Also I would say to a close friend in the event that I am not drinking so she can kind of keep me in check and help if any other person gets too pushy with “Why are you not drinking? Just take one beer.”

But it is still hard. I also remind myself before going why am I staying sober and think of the worst moments that I had when I was drinking. I even have checked this forum in the middle of parties and it has actually helped.

I wish you all the strength and keep checking in!

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I always have a drink in my hand. Like ALWAYS!


To make your sobriety stick and be able to be around alc in early sobriety (which I would advice against) there is one and only on option.

Honesty, be completely honest about your drinking habit and your desire to change.
This makes you less vulnerable to toxic environments.
Also… People would understand if you leave before every one gets drunk or tipsy.

Good luck, keep sharing and asking


Read This Naked Mind by Annie Grace, it will help you face situations this like and not get the urge to drink.


Agreed big time, I got sober last year for 4 months, and I was seriously miserable the whole time. All I thought about was alcohol, and was miserable if I hung around ppl who were drinking. After I read the this naked mind this time, I’ve hung out with friends several times while they were drinking and had zero urges to drink. Maybe a couple of times I thought about it, but bc of this naked mind I knew how to get out of my unconscious mind.

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Seriously that book is life changing.