Weekend fun

So this weekend I was able to treat my wife to a $100 gift card to Victoria’s Secret, a night out at Grandview Saloon restaurant, and then to play games at Dave and Busters… all in Pittsburgh, PA.
What a blessing that is! We had good conversation the whole trip. My addiction always pops up in our talks, and shes very supportive in what I’m doing. She likes me better sober! I’m a miracle in the making and so are you!
Today I went to the flea market and plan to meet someone for coffee before an AA meeting at noon. Then relax before work tomorrow.
I’m very blessed today with 585 days and counting. Gratitude is sometimes what we need to make it through a day of our addiction talking!

Anyone else do anything fun?



Caught up with an old friend yesterday, former drinking buddy. We met in Birmingham (UK) which is a halfway point from where we live. She also likes me better sober :grin:

It was pretty rainy so we had our picnic in the library instead of the park, went to a museum and saw Dippy (skeleton cast of a diplodocus that used to be in the in the Natural History Museum). Also watched the Blues Brothers for free at a screening as part of a jazz festival that was going on.

Can’t make pictures upload for some reason :thinking:

We had breakfast out this morning and made our way home. Today has just been a bit of housework now sofa slobbing to ride out the rest of the weekend. Perfect!

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So far I’ve just been working on my resume… not really fun but potentially life changing I guess lol.

Mostly I just wanted to say congrats on 585 days, and GO STEELERS!!!


You are making me miss my hometown. But thank you for posting!

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I went and painted live at a big legal rave. Which is even more importaint a challenge as im a recovering drug and alcohol user. Even though both were all around me for tge whole day it reinforced why i no longer do them 466 days weed free 436 days alcohol free 11 years cocaine ,E , LSD , AMPHETAMINE . DMT free