Weekend haze

For years every weekend was a blur- what did I do… what did I say…who did I upset this time. Each morning I would be a heap of mess struggling to get through hangover and the day - the answer would alway be junk food then back on the poison!
Today is my 6th day soberand its weekend. Mixed emotions of guilt…pride…hope but also grief. Weird I know but I believe we have to go through a process of grieving for the life…substance… person we were and how it made us feel(for me happy…numb and chilled at first)

Anyway…Happy Saturday to you all and let’s keep going :muscle: :raised_hands: xx


Weekends are so great sober. And they are almost twice as long! More time to do things you actually enjoy.

Happy Saturday!


Congrats on 6 days!! I hope you enjoy your weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with the grieving part. It’s very valid. Make sure to have some fun this weekend. Activity that feeds your spirit and supports your sobriety. Have a great one!


If you lay a sober head on your pillow tonight, then you have a win for today, no matter what else is going on or how you feel. Go for the win!