Weening off drinking buddies

No part of me is pushing or splitting blame on my personal habits based around finding friends that also struggle… But I would be lying if I didn’t say there was a portion of influence that came with said friends.

Over my six years being a struggling alcoholic, my worst years are behind me, no question, I’ve slimmed and changed my social interactions drastically. I started as a 19 year old bar rat that spent almost every nickle I made on beer nights three to four times a WEEK. I wouldn’t even need to order, if a bartender saw me outside, he’d have my drink ready for me by the time I sat down.

Everyone in my life was a drinking buddy. I made blurry memories with blurry faces that I couldn’t recall now adays. The relationships we’re so based on that bar that when I decided to cut the bar life, those friends disappeared almost over night.

Now I am in a different state of my life, even with my leaf turned over, I still struggle seeing one or two of my closest friends without bringing a six pack with me. I’ve gotten to terms that I do have abusive tendancies and I wave through success and failure, but the people I keep in my life are important and worthy now. It’s not as much “cutting them out” now as it is “would it change the relationship a lot for me to stop, but for them to continue drinking?”

Just some thoughts I’m chewing on today.


Whatever keeps you sober is always the best option. A healthy body and a healthy mind.
Don’t lose hope, you’ll always have support here regardless!

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I think you just live your life the way you want to, and the true friends will win out. It’s totally naturally for you to start identifying those people on your life that are having addiction problems, and wondering how long you will be able to handle ot.

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I think about this all the time.

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Have you tried finding different meetings?

I am making great friends. Going to a ball game this weekend in Dallas, with two other recovering alcoholics like me.
Its pretty nice getting out and having great times and still be surrounded by support.

I am finding the groups tend to have people just as fun, or more fun even… as my old friends, only they are also as smart as me in as far as getting a handle on this thing of ours.

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