Weight and sobriety

I will summarize this, if you want more read comments. I am 33…I know, too old for an eating disorder. My husband jokingly called me fat and told me to not eat because he knows how I am.

I didn’t eat one bite yesterday and at 9 pm was craving a veggie burgers (I’m a vegetarian). He told me the same shit I would always say…it makes you fat! 5’9 and 147. I’m not skin ND bones but fuck

Don’t let someone else choose what you believe. If he feels the need to say things like that to you he is trying to make himself feel better about himself. Sounds like he has some issues of his own that he should be focusing on rather than your BMI.

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You mentioned in another thread that you and your husband feel differently about having another child. If I was wild guessing from just a little online info I would think that he is distancing or having issues with sex due to the child issue. I actually typed a lot of speculation here but I will leave that out. Anyway, it’s clear he is feeling insecure about something.

I get that you are not eating out of anger and depression. I have done it for short periods but certainly not at eating disorder level. But logically: The veggie burgers I eat are like 100 calories or 300 with toppings and a small bun. They are loaded with protein. If you put on fresh toppings it’s loaded with fibre and vitamins. That is not making anyone fat right? Just eat what you want especially healthy stuff like this. You are a great weight for your height. When you are calmer perhaps talk to him about how he made you feel.

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