Weight loss?

After stopping drinking, did anyone experience weight loss? How much in how much time ?

I expected to but for a time I think I filled the alcohol void with fizzy sugary drinks, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, crisps, takeaways etc. I am now trying to lose the weight and am enjoying exercise.

I thought it better to be fat and sober rather than a drunk.

Watch this space though. I plan to be athletic and sober soon (ish).:muscle:


Lots of people here have…I have not. But I think that has more to do with my age and stage in life rather than my stopping drinking. LOL


What VSue said😅

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i can say weight gain for sure. i’ve been treeeeating myself. i’ll worry about loosing weight after summer :joy:


In opposite and lost alot of weight through drinking as i didnt eat so im now finally gaining it!

When I drank, I usually drank heavy beers or red wine and I rarely ate dinner. I was getting my calories from beer and wine. When I quit I replaced the empty calories for nutritional calories, but at the end of the day calories are calories.

I weighed 215lbs when I quit. I quickly went on a health kick with diet and worked out 5 days a week. I lost 20lbs from late September to early December.

I veered away from the diet and stopped working out and gained 10 of it back. :pleading_face:

For me to lose weight, I need to eat right and exercise regularly.


I just got off heroin 3-1 I had gained a ton of weight using I’ve lost 28 lbs since! I eat extremely healthy and do some working out!


After 10 months I’m down 50 lbs, a 37 year old guy. Also just taking in better calories since getting sober. I used to eat a lot of extra garbage while pounding drinks.

The first 10-20, that was mostly it. I also added moderate exercise to get more fit and level out mentally. I hardly moved when drinking.

It’s kind of leveled out the past month or so.


I thought I was drinking 5-6 diet ginger beers a day, turns out they were regular. Instead of 25 calories each they were 178. Sigh…


Oh my yes! 30lbs in 9 months, but now I crave sweets my body must miss the sugars.

Yes! I lost 25lbs in 3 months. I mainly drank sweet red wine and fine craft beer.

Both. I was 225 pounds at my heaviest during the height of my addiction. I mainly drank bourbon/whiskey and beer. And a lot.
Lost 30 pounds quickly, about 4 months. Gained a little bit because I was hitting the sweets really hard in the first few months.
I am now down to 155 pounds. I think it is different for everyone though, age, occupation, etc all play a part. I am a VERY active person with a physical job (butcher/cook) and I exercise 3-4 days a week.


If I’m putting things together right, I’ve come down from 170 lbs down to about 140 over the last 4-6 months or so. Before that, I wasn’t really losing weight, because for the first months I let myself indulge my food cravings; it made it easier to not crave alcohol so much. The food cravings went away after a while, and now they’re back to normal.


50!!! Holy smokes, man!!! Gonna be nothin’ left of you!!! Nicely done…

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During the first six months of sobriety, I rarely moved and ate boatloads of sugar. I did not lose much weight during that time. After six months sober, I got a fitbit and started walking everyday. I initially started with 10,000 steps a day and quickly moved it up to 12,000 steps a day. A few months after that I increased again, to approx 18,000 steps a day which I have maintained every day for the last four years. I lost almost 40 pounds in the first six months with the fitbit. I’ve kept it off. I’m 49 years old. I did start eating better after I became sober. But obviously for me, the key was moving and getting active.


Yeah, guilty here on the sweets a little still too, but…

…flavored sparkling water became my beverage of choice. Zero liquid carbs these days. Just black coffee, sparkling water or water, then herbal tea at night.

Guess that could have helped my losses, too. I used to drink tons of sugary juices and, well, that other stuff. :rofl:

I’ve gain weight because of the sweet touth after quitting alcohol. Starts to eat more healthy now so my weight balanced. Happy with my body now :grin:

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