Weird triggers

Today is day number 2 alcohol free for me, I am feeling a lot of difference in my energy today. I have gotten a lot done around my house. More than I have in a very long time. But I discovered something today too and was wondering if anyone can relate. Apparently hunger is a trigger for me. When my stomach growls, I want to get a drink. I don’t understand this at all, but eating took away the craving. Can someone explain? Or do I just sound insane lol


I want to say it’s @BrianP that has hit me with the H.A.L.T. but could be wrong. You are correct!

HALT Hungry Angry Lonely Tired The most common reasons for a desire to drink or use,

Congrats on day 2, stay strong! :tada:


Thank you for making me feel less crazy lol

You’re not crazy, lol! I’ve been eating a lot, sugar cravings are normal too! I’m on day 13 and loving the support here, helped me get to where I’m at today. I’m also cleaning and taking better care of my house, it’s amazing how lazy I became when drinking.


Totally normal. Alcohol has a ton of sugars and therefore produces short bursts of energy, so when hungry you will often crave a drink. You may even find yourself craving sweets, that’s totally normal too. Most people indulge in the sweets cravings because it’s better than the alternative and heck, why not right?

Staying satiated will help slake the cravings.