Well here I am..... Trying again,

I really fucking miss you guys with my whole heart! How you been!!


Welcome back! Been doing good and stick around please cause’ you & I don’t need or have to use/drink again. Hugs


Fine thank you, welcome back!
You missed us 4 years so a lot of catching up to do :wink:
See you around!

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Doing well!! Good to see you back and trying!!

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I know that’s right!!! I’m here to stay this time how’s it been going?

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Thank you! How you been

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See you around :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Been working with folks for the last 3 yrs in Washington and moving to Montana in a couple months. All the family is healthy and my youngest son just left for bootcamp (Navy) last week.

Blessings to you.