Well, I relapsed

After 12 days. Feel fine now, but probably going to feel like shit tomorrow. My ex is down the street partying, that’s where I met her. It was trigger, like why is everyone else having fun? She tried to call me but I ignored it. I wasn’t invited because I’m sure they all think I’m sober still. Idk why I drank. Just depression and shame. Just a weird night. Cinco de mayo by myself. I don’t feel cool at all. The only good thing is the buzz allowed me to finish all this repetetive bullshit I do with my online business. Honestly stuff I should outsource but I can’t because I’m broke… because I spent too much on alcohol and partying. Fucking shit.


Don’t beat yourself up man. Relapse happens and triggers are painful to try and understand. Sometimes hitting the reset button, be it sobriety or after a divorce or new career, can be just what we need to see what and where things took a turn for the worse. We’ve got your back brother, and feel free to message me any time of you need an ear to vent to :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

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Yeah it sucks. And the reason I can’t see my daughter is because I get drunk and suicidal, and guess what… :confused:

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Hey :blush: it happens…I know the feeling though. Back at it and you’ll be wiser for it.
What else have you been doing aside from not drinking?
Oh and congrats on your 12 days!!! Here’s to collecting another 12. Make sure you are keeping track…


It’s just a blip. Stick at it bud!

Thanks for sharing @JeffreyDale. You’ll get better. Just keep at it. Don’t give up. Remember why you chose to quit in the first place. You made 12 days. You’ll do it again and then some. You are so loved here.:slight_smile:


Homework time! :wink:
Get yourself a notebook and start writing (I promise, it works)
*reasons for being sober (positives)
*reasons why you shouldn’t drink (negatives)
*triggers and what to avoid
*goodbye letter to you toxic ex (alcohol)
*Sobriety love letter to yourself (deserve better, kindness, compassion)
*things you want to accomplish/do in sobriety (bucketlist)
*motivational and inspirational quotes, photos, art, saying, positive affirmations
*coping and recovery techniques, resources, and helpful things


You made it to 12 days… congrats.

I am sorry about your ex… I know what you mean about feeling uncool, I know how much it sucks sitting at home when all your friends are out partying.

Once you find atleast 1 more person who is sober then you can go to these parties and see how stupid everyone looks drinking/drunk.

I was talking to ny friend who has been sober since 19 and how he goes to bars and meet people and socialize. He lives on ginger ale/redbull or tonic water.

I cant do that yet because I do feel I will hust say fuck it and relapse but when some day I feel strong and know that I wont let my disease win I may go to one.

You know I am developing my app… I am marketing, I could have invested and launched sooner if I didnt spend 8k on drinking then hotels and drugs this year. Its really disappointing when i think about it but you and I are both here. We already took a step towarss right directions.

I am here if you need anything bro… its okay, lets start again.

Day 1 is here and we are here to help you beat 12 and add more.



I’ve risked having my kids taken. Nothing has ever happened but I have gone to pick my son up at school three or four beers in. Such an idiot to risk that for the sake of feeling tipsy. I look back at when I did those things and kick myself. So sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope one day you can prove you’ve healed and get to see her again. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Its okay, you are human. I would definetly do the homework @Melrm gave you.
Also, dont ever let anyone be the reason you drank especially an ex.They are NOT worth it. You dont need to be invited to the party because the party is basically full of bad memories for you, and tons of ppl poisoning their bodies.There is absolutely nothing you are missing out on. Ive been in your shoes before. Drinking alone trying to fill a void.Alcohol doesnt fill that void, it fills everything else with toxins and does damage to your body but it definetly doesnt fill the void.

Pick yourself up and keep moving forward you got this.:blush:


@JeffreyDale I dk why I’m JUST seeing this!! You know the drill reset your counter and get back at it! 1 day at a time man you can’t beat yourself up shit happens!! You got this!