Went 74 days


I went 74 days alcohol free it was great and I felt very healthy and happier. I then had a drink on the 74th day, obviously I drank to oblivion. I then went 15 days then I had another drink this Saturday. I am annoyed with myself and I just never seem to learn. I don’t know what even triggered it. Nice weather I suppose. I hate starting a fresh again but I know I have to do it. I have no excuse, I want to get back feeling great again. I stopped my sertraline, maybe this had an effect on why I chose to drink. I will maybe start back on it tonight. I feel dehydrated and exhausted with a bit of side pain to throw in the mix.


I’m at 65 days and can imagine how upset I’d be if I drank now. Try to remember what got you to want to quit in the first place and rededicate yourself. You did 74 days so you know you can do it again, just set a firm goal higher. Good luck


Maybe try a meeting they make it easier wish you well


Doesn’t matter what triggered it. It begins when we fail to say “no” to the drink that matters…the first drink and the hardest person to say “no” to…ourselves.

“No” is a powerful word. I think you see this. It’s powerful because it nullifies the slippery slope that begins with “yes”. It’s addition thru subtraction.


I’ve been there after 100+. Now on 24 again. I know what the regret is like and not trusting yourself anymore. I’ve concluded wanting to drink is a problem in and of itself and have tried to tackle the reasons behind it.


Everytime I got a craving for a drink, the first thing I would do was to think of how many days I had, how hard I had worked to get where I was, and how I really, really didn’t want to have to do it all again!
Your now realising this! I was damn sure I was not going to go through it.
If I drank again, there’s no knowing where it will end up, but I know it won’t be good.
Remember these feelings, it’ll help the next time the sun is shining and that little voice says “go on, your alright!”


That’s hard @jakee01. I’ve been there, a lot. Don’t give up. 74 days is a good time. And you’re back at it again. Stay sober today. That’s all that matters now.

Question, previously, you’ve shared about your new job and starting your own business someday. How are things coming along in the that area?


I lost my focus, I stopped checking in on here.


Still got my job, still launching a business. I just need to focus again. I even started on a 30 day challenge. I will stay calm, level headed and get back on the right path.


If there is one thing I’ve learned…we don’t really need a reason to drink. We drink because the weather is nice. We drink because the weather is shitty. We drink because we are celebrating. We drink to drown our sorrows. We drink at a wedding. We drink at a funeral. We will find ANY reason to drink!! Nothing really needed to trigger it beyond letting that addiction voice burrow into your mind for just 1 second.

But here’s the thing, you did it for 74 days, you can do it for 75 days. But you need to ask yourself…were you actively doing anything for your sobriety or were you just abstaining. White knuckling can only work for so long. For some people that could be 2 weeks, for some it is 2 years. But white knuckling will never be enough. What can you do to actively work on your sobriety? If you can’t think of anything it really can’t hurt to try a meeting. They are everywhere.


What’s your 30 day challenge? To not drink? What will you do on day 31?

My suggestion is to stop focusing on days. Focus on the only day that matters. TODAY. When the sun comes up in the morning focus on the next “today”, and every “today” that comes after that.


My work here is done! :rofl::rofl:

Keep focused! One day at a time!


30 day challenge is exercise


Well, then…do that!!! Exercise is always good. I never do it. Ha ha ha.