Went out and didn't drink!

Every couple of months I go to a dance show with 2 friends, and we go for beer and snacks after. Yesterday, i went, and said “just water is fine” when the bar person asked for our beer orders. It was a big deal to me, Id been preparing the Just Water line in my mind. But it was fine! And I still had a nice time hanging out. A tiny bit of anxiety but it went away. The beer looked delicious, but I felt so proud to resist, and I’m still sober. Yay!!


It’s always great to find out we can still do things and enjoy life sober. Great job on sticking to it!

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Awesome! Instead of “Just water”. I’ll have a water please! :slight_smile:️. Great job, keep your guard up!

@Blueroom Wow. Good for you. I find it is a good feeling to “Just say no.” Dazzling.

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Great job! I was out with friends last night, and we went to several bars. When ordering, I said “I’m going to start with a coke” and it was fine! We’ve got this!

They’d already brought water which is why please would have been weird! But yes, sober people can be polite as well as joyful. It’s so nice to realize alcohol is unnecessary.

Small wins equal large successes! Congratulations @Blueroom !

Good job! Yay you!!!
For me I find it feels like less of a big deal if I order something “more” than water; like a coke, sparkling water or a non-alcoholic beer, makes me less self conscious about other people thinking “why is she just drinking water”, if that makes any sense.
Stay strong!

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This place only had beer on the drinks menu, no juice choices! Otherwise I would have got some kind of fancy sparkling water or something. But even in a beer only environment, we can stay strong.

That is great! So next time you also will know you can get through it.

Great job @Blueroom! :blush:

@Elisabeth Yup. Real life doesn’t stop when we go sober. Listen up bars/pubs/restsurants. Serve interesting alternatives to alcoholic beverages. Be proactive and talk to the manager/owner.

@Blueroom Yup, dazzling.