Went to my first meeting

For the past 10 years i’ve been getting myself into situations and negative experiences because of drugs and have been fighting anxiety and depression because of that. I’ve spent countless weekends where I’ve been non stop partying surrounded by people who weren’t even my friends. I would then spend days in bed and feel like shit for a week after…. only to start the cycle all over again.

I never thought i had a problem until this week. I went to my very first meeting today even though it scared the crap out of me to go. Going through those doors was probably the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. I’m so scared of a life without alcohol and drugs.

I’m so thankful I did now and even signed up for service. I want a better life for myself and today is day 1.


Congratulations on going to ur 1st mtg! I found it super scary and intimidating also but now I really miss them :slight_smile:

Us addicts and alocholics have surrounded our lives around drugs and alcohol. Its natural honestly to feel some hesitation about getting clean and sober. But honestly… for me anyway, it’s actually alot scarier to think what my life will be like with them still in it. I see the progression :frowning: and if we don’t get clean and sober, the outcome is never good.

Give urself a chance to see how incredible recovery is. I am coming up to 19 days (again) and the miracles of recovery are already showing themselves to me. Proud of you!


Welcome aboard… well done taking that step, you deserve a full sober life :clap:


I can relate to all of that. Except I’ve known it’s been a problem for a while and I’ve gone sober and relapsed countess times like a lot of us have here. It’s so tough. And I noticed that the “friendships” I had were all surrounded by the clubbing and the drinking scene so I personally don’t have a support system really. I keep saying on here that my bunny companion is my rock and she’s saved me countless times :heartpulse::blush:. Etc…)
Then recovering for days sometimes if I binged.
You know …you’re here and know you want to. We’re tough on ourselves when we relapse too and go through the motions. Even people with 10+ years sober go through it but we learn the resources and all and we start to get a sober community because there’s a lot of awesome people in there. And we’re all on the same path. Keep coming here. Even to just read posts it helps a lot. I’m having a tough day today and I restarted my counter 26 days ago and I’ll be going to my first meeting in a long Ng time on the 30th day. My bday was Feb 21st and I survived that. ,:metal: We’re tougher than we realize. Better said than done sometimes but try not to be to hard on yourself too and stay strong and focused. We’re here for each other :metal:🫂


Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone. It felt good to feel ‘fresh’ today. Trying to keep myself busy as weekends are the hardest!


Congratulations! I’ve been struggling the last ten years too and I’m so glad to be here. Welcome😊

Hope and Love to you. I believe in you !!!

I’m about to go to my first AA meeting. I used to go to SMART meetings prior to lockdown but I’ve moved home since then and this AA meeting is just down the road from me. I relapsed for about 8 months after being sober for 18 months. I’m on day 5 of being sober again.


Welcome! This community is helping me so much, things are not easy. I just hit 30 days recently and it felt so nice to have continued feeling proud of my decision to stop; not feeling utter self-disappointment. You seem to have the correct mind set, your support system will grow when you make sober moves. You’re supported here for sure; we all understand :slight_smile:

Awesome. So proud of you ! Hope and Love to you. I believe in you !!!

I did! Each attendee said at least one thing that really resonated with me and I was made to feel very welcome. I plan to go again for sure.

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