Went to the dentist after 5 years

So I finally saw a dentist for the first time since 2017. I was really nervous to see how my teeth were because between substance abuse and depression making self care difficult I thought it was gonna be really bad.

It’s wasn’t too bad. I have 3 cavities, I’m getting a night guard made for my mouth so I don’t grind my teeth in my sleep as much, and he noticed some early signs of tooth decay but it sounds like it got caught early enough that it shouldn’t be too serious as long as I take my oral health seriously going forward.

I’m so relieved. I was so fucking scared that I’d need teeth pulled or an operation or something major. Especially after doing things like smoking meth. Fuck I’m so glad I quit before I did much permanent damage.

Just wanted to share that with you guys. I’m really proud that I’m taking those steps to work on my health after neglecting it for a while.


I’m really happy for you that your mouth wasn’t as bad off as you were worried it would be. Dental problems are horrible. Good on you for going in and getting that taken care of.

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Can relate to this completely. I Drank vodka for a long time … I used to go to the dentist regularly but I didn’t go for a few years. I went six months ago And it was really hard to go and I had all these fears in my head. I even told the guy sitting in the chair like you’re probably gonna have to pull a bunch of teeth and blah blah just putting it off for fear of something that hasn’t even happened or maybe never will. I just needed a root canal and had a couple cavities. But I don’t know how many times in my life Fear takes over but most things never end up like I think they’re going to. There is lessons in everything And i can’t jump to conclusions about stuff that hasn’t even happened yet

I know the feeling of getting that done. Congratulations that’s major :grinning:


Oh my god this is where i am. Have an appointment next month and am terrified.

Thank you for sharing and so glad you are relieved.

I’m going for a cleaning tomorrow morning and it’s in my head big time. I have sensitive teeth so cleanings are extremely unpleasant. I try and take care of myself in literally every other aspect i figured ignoring my dental health any longer is just stupid… time to buck up :scream: :fearful: :roll_eyes:.


I take some ibuprofen in advance to this and it works well :crazy_face:


I agree with Diamonster, take some ibuprofen before. I use deep breaths to relax when in the chair. Also listening to music can help or a meditation. Or if you have a squeezy stress ball…gold!! Good luck!! And do let them know you have dental anxiety…they will hopefully be gentle.


Gonna put a third vote for the ibuprofen. So happy you are taking care of your teeth. It really is so important!
@SassyRocks Never thought to take a stress ball. That’s really good advice. I don’t have dental anxiety but that ball sounds perfect for when it hurts a bit.


Congrats. That’s not bad at all.

My drunk self skipped for over 10 years. I had 3 molars extracted, 1 root canal on an eye tooth, and multiple fillings. Had to go to an oral surgeon for one because it broke off at the root when the dentist tried to pull it. He said it “crumbled”. The dentist looked like he was 15 and seemed terrified when he couldn’t get the whole tooth.

It’s like you just don’t care when you’re drunk every day. At least I still have all my fronts and can chew good enough so I’m grateful for that. Good luck with everything.


Took all of your advice and had the cleaning done today relatively pain free and only 2 cavities, some enamel erosion which might be from the crazy amount of carbonated beverages I use to consume. Thanks for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:


Great news, Dan! I actually go twice a year to the dentist. Major dental work scares me. Trying to avoid that.

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I’m relieved to hear that your dental visit wasn’t as bad as you feared. Having three cavities and getting a night guard to prevent teeth grinding are steps in the right direction. It’s also great that any early signs of tooth decay were caught early, allowing you to address them and maintain good oral health moving forward.

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