What are your coping methods or hobbies to distract you?

This has probably been asked before, but what are some coping methods or hobbies you practise when it gets difficult?
I started painting recently and it has helped a bunch.

With love, Kaylee


Im trying cycling to see if that helps. I want to see what people do! I need ideas to gain hope on this recovery mission.


Good job on the painting! I joined a gym and use the sauna as a way to sweat out negativity and run. Also reading on sobriety more and learning new skills. I also took up photography. Good job you got this!

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Music mostly…

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Tennis, sauna, mindfulness, more commitment towards family, friends and work. Going bi weekly to after care group of the clinic I went. Long term councelling (therapy) focused on old patterns and behavior.

Personally I dislike the term distract in your title. Since that for me would mean applying a trick to avoid the addiction which is part of me. I rather would like to use the term change of mindset and really change the one thing that need to change, everything.

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Heavy metal music [concerts if that ever happens again], some times gaming with the wife, fishing, gardening occasionally

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