What are your favorite sober hobbies?

Mine are my kids motorcycles dirt bikes hikes with my dog and eating burritos


Nice! That looks like it could be in the PNW?

Mine is music.


This is awesome Dan! LOVE it all. :heart:


Brisk walking, hiking, knitting, gardening, baking, kayaking


Yes Oregon

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What I found is that I needed an adventure. I needed a hobby, a goal, a reason to get up in the morning. That’s what replaced booze–a life worth living filled with adventure.

  1. hiking with my dog while in awe of mother nature.
  2. Building relationships with people at the dog park.
  3. Biking while in awe of mother nature.
  4. Listening to audiobooks while hiking/biking/commuting
  5. Collecting and reading comic books to try and balance the otherwise exclusively non-fiction material I read.

Im not claiming to have all the answers. And certainly my hobbies won’t be everyone’s. But I do believe it is of vital importance to lean into the adventure of life. That’s what life really is–your personal adventure.


Completely agree man. Since day one started with hiking years later I need to be out in the wilderness or I loose my shit. Crazy mode activities get all stressed out. I love everything about Mother Nature.


Crossword puzzles. No way in hell I could do one drinking.

In fact most hobbies and activities are far better sober. And if not, maybe it’s not for you lol


Thats an awesome hobby! Mine are going to the gym and running. Also PlayStation and walking my dog!


That’s amazing! I love music, it’s so freeing. I used to be heavily into music but, and this still depresses me to talk about, I noticed I couldn’t make good music without being inebriated and depressed and so I stopped.


Spending time with the kids & hubby, solo I like knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, creating ridiculous healthy concoctions lol I want to make more time to draw and paint. Anything creative. I ppve thrifting for what we need…im not sure that counts as a hobby but I do really enjoy it. Walks on our property, walks where we live (we’re in the country so its just farmland and trees). Swimming, but just leisurely. Reading. I started a puzzle…I am not entirely sure hpw far i will get lol. Is organizing a hobby because i lpve organizing shit.

With my family i love fishing, boating and speanding time at the beach. Doing arts and crafts and seeing how big of a mess we can make and how far away we get from the craft we set out to make and seeing where the fuck we end up. Just being in our yard…which im not sure its a yard its just LAND and NATURE and i love it. Sitting and watching sunsets. Watching a good show with my husband. And while i wouldnt say its a hobby we can keep up much with anymore, i do love seeing live music. I also love watching baseball. My husband is religious with it and I thought i was too until my first kid was born and then the amount of baseball i want to watch seems to be directly correlated to how much othet time i have for myself (more time = more baseball; less time = less baseball). LOL.

Would love to: save up for a motorcycle (purchase only to be made when a year or more sober!), learn more about tinkering with machines and electrical, get in to running again and start a side jewelry/natural skin care hobby-business for fun. Hopes & dreams & all thats in between. Happy 24 xo