What can i do to overcome this?

hey there people its been a while since my first post, but im really frustrated becouse of my addictve life style, im cuurently going to meetings and they advice that its better for me not to stop drinking like a cold turkey, becouse my bodie gets it every day, but im getting really tired of drinking everyday and i feel like quiting with the alcohol just like that and make today, day 1 of my sober life, but then again the people who seem to know and studied to give advice dont recommend quiting just like that becouse my bodie is getting dependant from the alcohol, what do you guys think, that its better to drink less and then quit, or just stop and get sick and try to overcome this struggle,

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For me its all or nothing, i simply don’t have the will power to cut down, i wont stop after just a few. I think they may say that as withdrawals can be dangerous in some cases.


Im on day 4. Ive had night sweats, nightmares and shaking pretty bad but i think im through the worst of it.


I tried to taper off once or twice I was terrible at it. Do great for few days something comes up (I mean how dare the sky be blue) and I would have a heavy drinking day. And soon it would be a few drinking days. It’s going to painful to quit! It’s part of it our drinking has consequences and I believe that pain is one of the ways you can use to stay sober. Feel that a few times believe you remember what it feels like. It is dangerous to just quit if you have been a daily drinker for years BUT there’s places that are set up to give you medical care during your withdrawal. For myself cold turkey is the only way. But if you are coming out of a multiple year, daily usage then they crash will be hard. I personally have never seen a recovery person give a person advice to taper. If you want to quit find a way. There will be pain! But seek help if you need it. But I don’t think you will get clean without pain. A detox center might be advisable for you. But if you think you can find a gentle, softer way it’s not going to happen.


One of the guys i sponsor was going to a centre which advised him to taper it so when he was ready he could stop for good and it didnt work i got him into a detox centre and he went to meetings and contiues to go to meetings and i took him through the steps low and behold hes three years sober next week , thats why people who are in recovery can help people who want to recover , meetings arnt for everyone but through my experience they do work if you want them to . wish you well


Every day gets better from now on @JaneB! - just watch out for the bs voice at around 10 days, telling you you’re ok to start drinking again. In 50 different ways. And guess who’s saying it!


For me it was cold turkey. I can’t have one or two. What meetings are you attending if I can ask? I’d also consider that if my “cutting back” isn’t helping, I need a new tack.

As for me, “One is one too many. One more is never enough.”


I did the cold turkey thing. According to how much you’re currently taking in on the daily, your withdrawal may vary. Mine wasn’t terrible. You might just give it a go and see how you feel, or go ask your doctor.

Hi @Michel_van_Dekken tapering off is not going to do it for you trust me it’s cold turkey or nothing. The best way I found to do it is to just stop sounds easy but it’s not. I had really bad DTs when I quit and I was only 23 but I drank everyday along with anything else I could get my hands on. But when I tell you I don’t remember when I started drinking because I was a baby the first time I had it I was a colic baby cried all the time. My uncle’s figured if they put a little beer in the bottle I would sleep all night. Smoked my first joint at 7. When I got sober I did 90 meetings in 90 days and found a sponser. This keeps you busy and introduces you to people in the program that can help you. By the crase of God as of September I have 28 years clean and sober. You can do it we are all here to give you support.