What do you drink?

What is the best drink for like detoxing and flushing alcohol out of your system?

For me, it was Water + time. The water was the easy part, it was the time part that was frustrating


I drank a lot of coconut water this morning. Its very hydrating but there’s a lot of natural sugar. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m also completely addicted to coffee. But I drink a lot of water too.

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Warm water with fresh lemon in the morning to help my liver detox. In the early days i drank fizzy juice at night time to replace the alcohol. I noticed i would drink it like i would with alcohol. Just knocking it back not even really tasting it. So I’m on the cups of teas and water now.

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Lemon water or fresh pressed juices that contain beets.

Water works fine

I have found that lemon, sugar, and salt help. Especially when u get the urge to drink. Or carrot juice, or grapes.

Yea. Well this was wat I had found. But no experience as to whether it works or not. Thanks for feedback.

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